BMBF Programme Urban Climate Under Change

In the second phase of the research programme "Urban Climate Under Change" [UC]2 , the new urban climate model PALM-4U (developed in the first phase) should become a product that meets the needs of municipalities and other practical users as well as scientific research.

Two of the BMBF's three overarching strategic guidelines in the field of climate research will be pursued:

  • Building up practical competence in the use of climate knowledge
  • Identify and close the most urgent gaps in knowledge on climate change through excellent research

These guidelines are only feasible through a transdisciplinary research approach with the direct participation of actors from municipalities, urban planning, air pollution control and other fields. In addition, they require the development of new concepts and methods for integrative studies to address the challenges of climate change for cities.

The programme is structured into three modules: Module A (MOSAIK-2; funding reference number: 01LP1911) - development of PALM-4U; Module B (3DO+M; funding reference number: 01LP1912) - evaluation and scientific application of PALM-4U; Module C (ProPolis; funding reference number: 01LP1913) - operationalisation of PALM-4U. Each module consists of a joint research project. In total, 25 subprojects are collaborating in the programme.

The second phase of the programme started on 1st October 2019 with a duration of three years and a funding volume of 13 million Euros. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding this project within the framework of the Strategy „Research for Sustainability"(FONA). The German Aerospace Center Project Management Agency (DLR Projektträger) provides the project.


Showcase Simulation Berlin
Turbulence intensity in Berlin´s government district simulated with PALM-4U. © Leibniz Universität Hannover, Institute of Meteorology and Climatology 2019.