Summer 2018

Fourth and last intense measurement campaign by 3DO

In June and July 2018, the fourth and final intense measurement campaign took place in Stuttgart and Berlin. In Hamburg the researchers will measure from mid-August to mid-September. Again, valuable data on air pollutants (e.g. nitrogen dioxide, ozone, particulate matter) and meteorological variables (e.g. wind, humidity and air temperature) could be gained.

In Berlin, as in last summer, focus was set on the acquisition of meteorological variables that are relevant for human bio-climate. This summer has clearly shown the stressful impact on humans of very hot days and the lack of cooling at night.

The data will be used, among other things, to validate the newly developed urban climate model PALM-4U (see Module A: MOSAIK). For further information click here.


Messrucksack Dresden Vorhof TU Hauptgebäude
Measurements with a modified rucksack equipped with instruments. View from the roof of the Institute of Mathematic, which was equipped with a thermal camera.
© TU Dresden, Ronald Queck 2018 ©  TU Dresden, Ronald Queck 2018
Fesselballon Stuttgart von unten  
Tethered balloon with visible instrumentation ascending over Stuttgart.  
©  University of Stuttgart, Abdul Samad 2018