Mid-term Meeting of BMBF programme 'Urban Climate Under Change [UC]2'

Half-time in Phase 2

From June 17-18, the mid-term meeting of 'Urban Climate Under Change [UC]2' took place with the participation of the three joint research projects MOSAIK-2, 3DO+M and ProPolis as well as practice partners of various German cities. On a very hot summer day, the participants met unfortunately still online and reported or informed themselves about the progress of the work in the joint research projects and their further planning. In virtual breakout rooms, participants were able to discuss and clarify questions that could not be answered due to the time available.

Day 2 of the mid-term meeting started with discussion groups on the topics model evaluation, data management and PALM-4U graphical user interface as well as the long-term operation of the urban climate model in three different virtual breakout rooms. The rooms could be chosen according to interest and could also be changed. Afterwards, the presentation of the most important discussion points and their results took place in the plenum. The discussions showed how strongly interconnected the topics are, but also how well the exchange between the joint research projects works to the benefit of the entire programme.

After clarification of unavoidable organizational points, the densely packed and challenging but rewarding meeting came to an end and the participants went into their well-deserved weekend.


Modul A Thermische Belastung
Urban simulation of PET (Physiologically Equivalent Temperature) for total Berlin with PALM-4U (top right). Detailed areas: Ernst-Reuter-Platz and Steglitz (bottom left). © Björn Maronga, Leibniz Universität Hannover Simulation of thermal stress assessment for an urban area of Munich (Left: Air temperature, right: UTCI (Universal Thermal Climatic Index). The simulation clearly shows that thermal stress cannot be assessed by air temperature alone. © Thilo Erbertseder, DLR
Workflow of Module C Propolis in Phase 2 of the programme [UC]2. © Propolis