PALM-4U Simulations in the frame of [UC]2

Overview map of PALM-4U simulations within the framework of [UC]2

The interactive map provides an overview of the PALM-4U simulations carried out and still planned within the framework of [UC]2. It is based on the table processed by the sub-projects of the three modules of [UC]2: Overview of PALM-4U simulations in 'Urban Climate under Change'. Missing information was completed according to the assessment of the editor.

The domains are shown as lines (parent domains - solid, child domains - dashed). Red dots correspond to planned simulations without domain size information. The map can be moved with the mouse and the zoom level can be changed with the mouse wheel. By clicking on the red dots or the rectangles additional information about the module and sub-project, the institution, the contact person as well as the location and the objectives of the simulation will appear. In the upper right corner, the map display can be switched to orthophotos from Esri and all labels, pop ups, colors and child domains can be (de)activated.

The map is updated at irregular intervals. Our thanks go to the editor of the map Dr. Ronald Queck.