⟩ Further development and optimisation of the urban climate model PALM-4U developed in Phase 1

⟩ Establishment of PALM-4U as Community Model

⟩ Development of expert tools for scientific users

⟩ Continuation of long-term observations

⟩ Specific measurements for model evaluation

⟩ General and application-specific model evaluation of PALM-4U

⟩ International establishment of PALM-4U

⟩ Development and operationalization of an Open Source based data management system

⟩ Provision of data, tools and concepts in open data portals

⟩ Long-term provision of quality assured PALM-4U versions

⟩ Scientific contributions to international urban climate research

⟩ Opening up new fields of application for PALM-4U and their implementation

⟩ Review and further development of practical suitability of PALM-4U for different user groups

⟩ Development and implementation of measures for capacity building in practice as well as service and support offers for users in practice