Kick-Off Phase 2

The programme "Urban Climate under Change " is entering a second funding period and addresses strategic guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in the field of climate research.

The urgent need for action to overcome the challenges of climate change for cities requires practical competence in the use of climate knowledge and further research to close the most urgent knowledge gaps on climate change. As already in phase one, these goals are to be achieved through a transdisciplinary research approach with direct participation of actors from urban planning, air pollution control and other sectors as well as through the development of new concepts and tools for integrative studies.

The urban climate model PALM-4U, which has been developed in the last three years, shall be further developed into a product for practice and research in the following three years. Among other things, the focus will be on reviewing the further development of the model, opening up specific fields of application in practice, the practicability of the model for a broad range of users, and extensive measures to qualify users.

In phase two, 19 research institutions from all over Germany are organized in 26 subprojects and three joint research projects. Cities such as Berlin, Hanover, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich and Augsburg are involved with simulations, measurements and as practical partners.

Around 80 participants from all over Germany travelled to the Kick-off event at the beginning of November 2019 in Berlin. The second day of the meeting offered the opportunity for a broad exchange on the topics of model evaluation, data management, city and practice partners as well as fields of application.

Partner Kick-Off Phase 2
Participants at the Kick-off Meeting [UC]² Phase two in Berlin, November 2019 © Chair of Climatology, Institute of Ecology, Technische Universität Berlin.