Summer 2017

First summer intense measurement campaign in Berlin, Stuttgart and Hamburg

In July, August and September the joined research project 3DO operated its first intense measurement campaigne in Berlin, Hamburg und Stuttgart. Observational data will be used for evaluation of the new urban climate model PALM-4U developed by MOSAIK (Module A) of the research programme. For further information click here.


Starrflügler Augsburg                    Fahrradmessfahrten TUBS
Flying wing is set ready to start by scientists of the University of Augsburg.   Measurements by bike carried out by a scientist of the Technische Universität Braunschweig.
© Technische Universität Berlin, PR, Oana Popa 2017   © Freie Universität Berlin, Ines Langer 2017
Ecobot Hämmerle    
Ecobot of the University of Innsbruck.    
© Freie Universität Berlin, Ines Langer 2017